1. One Day Band Session 7
    Justin Gartry, Tommy Longworth, Nic Nell & Lukas Wooller

  2. One Day Band Session 6
    Leo Abrahams, Leafcutter John & Tim Harries

  3. Amoral Avatar
    Amoral Avatar

  4. One Day Band Session 5
    Leo Abrahams, David Coulter & Seb Rochford

  5. Good Friday
    David Coulter & Seb Rochford

  6. One Day Band Session 4
    Tommy Grace, Rob Hervais-Adelman, Duncan Marquiss & Matthew Swinnerton

  7. Strays
    Ross Downes

  8. One Day Band Session 3
    Adam Coney, Milo Fitzpatrick & Jon Thorne

  9. One Day Band Session 2
    James Daoud, Nick Siddall and Dean Valentine Smith

  10. Third

  11. One Day Band Session 1
    Pete Bennie, Beanie Bhebhe, Danny Keane & Keir Vine,

  12. The Fall Of The Flamingo Gardens
    Adam Coney

  13. Cargo / Vexed

  14. The Fifth Season
    Taketi Uloomu

  15. Dog Day Morning
    Ross Downes

  16. Lampenfieber
    Matthew Swinnerton

  17. Second

  18. EQLS

  19. Calibos
    Jonny Fryer and Adam Coney

  20. October Pieces and Shadows
    Jason Hoopes and Agnes Szelag

  21. Hassan Falls To His Death
    James Johnston

  22. Escape on a Stolen Motorcycle
    Taketi Uloomu

  23. Secret Language
    David Coulter and Ralph Carney

  24. Pelican

  25. Common Clearing
    Ross Downes

  26. White - Cold
    Christian Berg

  27. Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney
    Colonel Acland and Lord Sydney

  28. Can Of Worms
    Harry Broadbent

  29. Fasada
    Martin Clarke

  30. First

  31. Meditation Suite
    Jonny Fryer

  32. Two Mints in One. Roland et Pierre
    Barbara Lambert

  33. Padangle Corridors

  34. House Sounds

  35. Noon

  36. Day
    Ross Downes

  37. City Shepherd
    City Shepherd

  38. Trestle Records Sampler 02

  39. Trestle Records Sampler 01

  40. Trestle Records New Year 2015

  41. Trestle Records 2014 New Year

  42. Trestle Records Year End Single 2012


Trestle Rec London, UK

Trestle records is a record label dedicated to putting out new instrumental music started by four friends in east london during 2011. Ranging from electronic to classical, pop to musique concrete supporting and distributing all manner of contemporary instrumental music is its principle. ... more

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